Super! Are there any detailed guidelines for building it on Windows, from scratch? I mean assuming that neither MSYS nor MinGW are installed and configured yet. Installing and configuring these correctly is very very tricky, and for GTK2HS, I never succeeded in getting it to build on Windows, and since I'm not a UNIX expert (otherwise I would not be using Windows in the first place ;-) I'm then stuck... 

On Tue, Jan 20, 2009 at 3:45 AM, Peter Gavin <> wrote:
Hello everyone,

A release candidate for Gtk2HS 0.10.0 is available at:

Please test this on your platform.  It should build on pretty much any platform
that GHC 6.8 and Gtk+ 2.4 (or so) or later are supported on.  You should also be
able to build on Windows using MingW and MSYS.  A windows binary installer will
be provided soon.


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