Dear gtk2hs developers.

First of all, thanks for your work.

I've just make Chart package work in ghci, but it was not as straight forward as I would like it to be. So I decided, that this information may be usefull for somebody else (especially, if you can add some of these notes to download section of your site or to installation instructions).

My setup:
me - newbie to haskell
OS - windows 7 Home basic x64 (Russian localization)
Haskell - haskell platform 2011.4.0.0 - GHC 7.0.4 - (actually, I've started with previous version of haskell platform).

Initial try:
Download "full pack" for Gtk+ 2.24.8 (by the way, the link in the installation instructions is broken, although it was not to hard to find the right place :))
Try 'cabal install'. -> Installation went well. Finally I've come to situation, when I can build executables, but cannot run .hs files from GHCi and cannot install Chart package. Failure was on loading cairo package and was somehow related to absence of _image_surface_get_data symbol.

Then I've discovered, that in the installation instructions there is notice about the fact, that Gtk2hs may not work with gtk+22. So, I've assumed, that gtk+24 may not work either. (And this was right assumption).

Skipping right to the end, I've succeeded with Gtk+ ver.18. I mean that with this version I'm now able to start gtk2hs gui applications from ghci and I succesfully installed Chart package. Actually, I did not try ver 22 (as it is mentioned in installation instructions as "not working") and incorrectly tried ver.20 (see bellow), so I cannot tell, if Gtk+ver.20 works or not.

So, the main idea: make it more obvious for new users (from windows), that versions 22 and 24 of Gtk+ do not work.

The second thing, which was not obvious for me is that to reinstall gtk2hs with other viersion of Gtk+ binaries I must manually reinstall all its packages in order. I.e. I had to run one by one manually:
cabal install glib --reinstall
cabal install gio --reinstall
cabal install cairo --reinstall
cabal install pango --reinstall
cabal install gtk --reinstall.
(running just last of these commands did not do the job and resulted in absence of entry point for different functions)

This point was not obvious for me and I spent some time till I'd come to this. It would be nice if you clarify this in some way for newbies (such as me).

Hope, this will help to somebody.