2007/9/25, ˳ <knifewolf@gmail.com>:
Hi Axel

Thank you very much!
When I search in the API document, I find these methods:
styleGetForeground :: Style -> StateType -> IO Color

styleGetBackground :: Style -> StateType -> IO Color

styleGetLight :: Style -> StateType -> IO Color

styleGetMiddle :: Style -> StateType -> IO Color

styleGetDark :: Style -> StateType -> IO Color

styleGetText :: Style -> StateType -> IO Color

styleGetBase :: Style -> StateType -> IO Color

styleGetAntiAliasing :: Style -> StateType -> IO Color

I guess they can be used to modify UI elements background/foreground colors or something like that. These methods is useful for me. And if you can implement a method to modify the UI elements background to transparent. I think that will be better.

Thank you!

Deng Chao

2007/9/24, Axel Simon <A.Simon@kent.ac.uk >:
Hi Deng,

On Sep 24, 2007, at 15:17, ˳ wrote:

> Hi, I'm a newbie for Haskell, I'm learning how to use Gtk2Hs, who can
> show me a small sample for StyleClass? Thanks.

I assume you mean the paint methods in Style that allow you to use
the current theme engine to draw certain standard UI elements. We
haven't implemented these functions yet as nobody has requested them.
Can you explain in what context you need these function? Maybe we can
suggest a work around. If there is no work around, we might implement
the style_paint* functions.



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Deng Chao

Deng Chao