Thanks for your fast reply.  Looks like Dorthy ain't in Kansas no more.  Let's hope it works :)

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Od: Axel Simon <>
Datum: 4. 8. 2012
Předmět: Re: [Gtk2hs-users] Drawing an image stored in a Haskell data type to the screen using a cairo canvas.

Hi Timothy,

Pixbufs can be drawn to by directly modifying the pixels, an example of that can be found in


On 04.08.2012, at 14:43, <> wrote:

> Hello,
> I need to draw an image to the screen, which I have generated inside of Haskell. I found the function pixbufGetPixels and PixbufData, however, I cannot seem to find any "pixbufSetPixels" so how would I draw an algorithmically generated bitmap the screen?
> Thanks
> Timothy
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