Hello All,

The Entry widget does not have an onChange signal mentioned in the API documentation. Is there a signal to indicate additon or deletion of a character?

There is an onToggleOverwrite signal, but no related methods or attributes are listed. Does a mode for overwrite/insert exist, or does this signal have an other meaning?

There is an entryEditable attribute, but no method to set or get it.

In the class hierarchy of Entry, Widget is listed as the parent. But in the Editable documentation, Entry is listed, with SpinButton, as an instance of EditableClass. The Detail section in the API states Editable is 'an interface which should be implemented by text editing widgets such as Entry'. But it appears several methods have been implemented in EditableClass (editableInsertText, editableSetEditable etc.) How should Editable (or EditableClass) be used with Entry?

Thanks for your help,

Hans van Thiel