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I really need to be able to see MP3 Bitrate's in the Search results. I'm doing alot of downloading of MP3's and i always go to Host Browse of people that have a good sorted MP3 collection and download only high quality 192 kbps+ MP3's. I can't get any of the sortable columns to show bitrate, and I need to see the search sorted by bitrate.


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    please pretty please ?

    if it could be that in search results and browse host, in configure columns, you can add a column for any XML metadata item ?

    It's being the only decent client that doesn't crash for Windows now, but I can't do what I was doing with downloading only higher quality MP3's from good collections. Now I can't sort the list and range select 192 and above.

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    me me

    I would second this option. :) Who wants to end up with 96 kbps or even worse quality mp3's. lol Or spam that does not have bit-rates or the spam's bit-rate does not match the file's size & audio running length. Other factors in the metadata can also help determine spam.


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    I wish I knew how to write code to make a patch for this... it's the only thing that feels left out for what's in other clients....

    I find it too important when multi-selecting files to download, so you can choose only the better quality files.

    also would .like the other one.. Filter within XML metadate.

    like, it comes with every search result a XML metadata header.

    I wish it could make filters for what's found in that.

    this is the only client that seems to still live working well.

    something's funny about shareaza's download speed being poor all the time :/

    it's the only feature it would need to do everything else I think :)

    ... 'cept find more sources for downloading files, but I do not bad picking keywords in the filenames and searching again :/

    please :) I would try but the code looks to complicated for me :/


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    please please please

    i wish for this badly

    i wish there was a way to sort search results by MP3 Bitrate.. it's too slow to look up the bitzi ticket for every file, but search results always come with an XML metadate that has it in there.

    can there be a search column for MP3 bitrate... or for every common XML metadata tag?

    It's the only thing missing when I use it... I like to use "browse host" and only get higher quality MP3's in big batches when the quality is mixed up... but it's too tedious trying to pick them one by one by looking beneath when you click on them.


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    oh just to mention... the "Metadata" column is always empty on me, and it doesn't break attributes apart for sorting them/

  • If you pick the largest file, it should be the one with the highest bitrate. That doesn't tell you anything about the quality anyway. A VBR encoded file with 180 kbit/s can easily have vastly superior quality than a CBR encoded file with 192 kbit/s. Also you can't tell the source. It might be an horrible radio recording or some terrible re-encode of a low-quality copy. If sound quality matters that much to you pick FLAC, Opus, Ogg instead of MP3.