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#263 List Handling - Import/Export OR Prioritizing/Hold

Eric Marceau

It would be handy to have the facility to handle lists.
Import and export of these lists would be desirable.

A) export queued items (names and SHA1) to an external list file.

- We searched and found a number of files.
- Files were queued for download.
- Got some files but server drops off before they all download.
- Offload list to external file to avoid needless network probing for server that won't come back for 12+ hours.
- Easier to work with remaining items in the queued list.

B) import previously queued items from external list file.

- Scan external list and search for a few to confirm server's return.
- reload external list of queued items.
- gtk-gnutella resumes treatment as if items were always there.

Allow focus on one server so that there is not a lot of
- IP collisions
- number of connections annoying ISP
- minimize disk thrashing by limiting number of active files.

The alternative is to

a) have column in the Queue view so that we can click in a checkbox (next to each name) to set "Hold/Suspend" on that file to allow focus/scanning/round-robin on others in the queue.

b) have another column in the Queue view so that we can toggle a 3-level priority selection for the "non-Hold" items, where higher-level items get priority until scheduling rules place them on "wait" status.

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    A bit of this is already implemented at least in the version from current SVN if you use the Gtk+ 2.x frontend. That is, it has support for pausing/resuming downloads from the context menu (right-click). Exporting/Importing downloads is more or less possible by use of magnet links. The context menus at the search results display (including own shared files and browse host results) as well as the downloads display allows creating magnet links ("Copy magnet to clipboard"). These can be stored in a text file and used later or sent to other people. Admittedly the latter is not sufficiently convenient for larger sets of files but rather for single files. Also currently magnet links cannot point to "firewalled" sources.