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Package .deb corrected

The package .deb has been modified for including package dependencies.
(Thanks to Benjamin Kellermann for reporting and suggestions).

Posted by Miguel Martin (UOC) 2006-07-20

Problem with package .deb

A problem in the generation of .deb package has not assigned dependencies.
Problem will be fixed in future releases.
Sorry for the mistake.

Posted by Miguel Martin (UOC) 2006-07-18

Help Wanted (localization)

Wanted collaboration for the localization of the application.
If someone would like to collaborate could translate the strings in the file 'localization.po' found at Subversion repository (http://svn.sourceforge.net/viewcvs.cgi/gsvn/) and post then in the mail list gsvn-translation (gsvn-translation at lists.sourceforge.net).
Now,the work is focused in translation to Spanish and Catalan.
Thank you in advance for your collaboration.
Miguel Martín.

Posted by Miguel Martin (UOC) 2006-07-16

Package .deb

Added a new package suitable for installation in systems that manage Debian packages.

Posted by Miguel Martin (UOC) 2006-07-16

Added support for GTK#2

Added new release for support GTK# libraries version 2.
Four new packages containing source code and binaries in tgz package and rpm.

Posted by Miguel Martin (UOC) 2006-07-09

gnome-svn gsvn

First public version of the gnome front-end for Subversion has been releases (http://gsvn.sourceforge.net/).
Now it is posible to manage Subversion repositories intuitively from a graphic application developed with mono.
Coments and suggestions will be welcome.
Thank you for your interest.

Posted by Miguel Martin (UOC) 2006-06-17