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Which codecs can GSVideo handle?

  • Michael

    Is there somewhere that lists the codecs which GSVideo can play? I have a video that generates no errors when I try to loop it, but which sits at a black screen and never increases frameCount. If I use the station.mov video included in the GSVideo examples the same code executes exactly as I expect, instead of stalling before the first frame.

    Mac OS Finder reports the codec of the file that doesn't work as "CFHD, Timecode" and the file was created using GoPro CineForm Studio.

  • Andres Colubri
    Andres Colubri

    GSVideo 1.0.0 includes the gst-inspect command line tool that reports all the available plugins. In order to use it, you need to open a terminal, change to the folder where the gst-inspect tool is located, and finally run it.

    Suppose that you installed GSVideo in the default sketchbook location, then:
    $ cd /home/<user_name>/Processing/sketchbook/libraries/GSVideo/library/gstreamer/macosx64
    $ chmod +x gst-inspect-*
    $export GST_PLUGIN_PATH=/home/<user_name>/Processing/sketchbook/libraries/GSVideo/library/gstreamer/macosx64/plugins
    $ ./gst-inspect

    The chmod command is to make sure that the tool is marked as an executable file, and the export line to set the environmental variable that gst-inspect uses to look for the installed plugins.