> If it's crashing here, my best guess would be that you've somehow
> miscompiled glib - I'm unfamiliar with your platform, so I can't
> really be more specific, sorry.
Thanks man, u've been most helpful.


Just pasting more gdb output just in case -

_gst_format_initialize () at gstformat.c:69
69          g_hash_table_insert (_format_to_nick, GINT_TO_POINTER (standards->value),
(gdb) step
g_hash_table_insert (hash_table=0x452268, key=0x1, value=0x2ac02ff0)
    at glib/ghash.c:348
348     {
351       g_return_if_fail (hash_table != NULL);
352       g_return_if_fail (hash_table->ref_count > 0);
245       node = &hash_table->nodes
0x2aeeff40 in g_hash_table_insert (hash_table=0x452268, key=0x1,
    value=0x2ac02ff0) at glib/ghash.c:245
245       node = &hash_table->nodes                          <<-----------------something seems wrong here
Could not insert single-step breakpoint at 0x0

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