Hi All,
  I am using Gstreamer for one of my bulk call video calling application, using sip as my signalling part.I tried to make around 60 simulative video calls without much of the problem on a IBM server(4 GB RAM,Intel QuadCore,Linux 64 bit).
  But somehow, after around 15-17 hours of testing, I see that "free memory" left in the system is only 300 -400 MB, which initially was around 2.5 GB. From "process id details" I can see that there is not much increase of "RESIDENT" and "VIRTUAL" memory usage in my "application process".
Can any one please comment/help on this behavior of system ? why overall system memory is increasing  ?
At this kind of video OBD load, I had seen that Gstreamer creates around 600-700 threads.Can it be a source of this problem? 

Best Regards,
Parveen Jain