It's more difficult to smoothly stop the recording, though.  You'll have to
block the queue element behind the tee (see docs/design/part-block.txt in the
source tree).  In addition, you have to push an EOS into it to make sure the
muxer writes duration and index to the file.

 A last caveat is the timestamps.  The buffer timestamps start running as soon
as the v4l2src starts playing, which makes it appear in the output file as if
it starts with a big hole.  The only way I found to fix that is to add an
adapter element that shifts the buffer timestamps (see ).

The 'reset' property must be setted to true just before dinamically linking the encoder tail or after linking it?
Is it possible to record various segments in the same file using this method?
I mean, for the first segment you set the base_time to 0, but if I want to encode another segment in the same file, by unliking the encoding tail and relinking it later, if I set the 'reset' property to TRUE this will reset the base_time to 0 again, when it should be setted to the elapsed time of the previous segment.
One last thing, if I pause the recording, by unlinking the encoding tail and setting its state to PAUSED, how do I send an EOS event to the muxer (which is not linked anymore) if I defenitively want to stop the recording?