Bug opened and patch uploaded

2009/8/28 Julien Isorce <julien.isorce@gmail.com>
Hi Miquel,

Could you review your changes and make a patch that I would be able to commit ?

-> remove unused line at the begnning
-> use gpointer instead of void*
-> let the #ifdef WIN32 you removed
->  replace the last
g_print ("no yet implemented if not win32\n");
 return -1;

by glXMakeCurrent (sdl_display, None, 0);
-> remove APPLE and mach stuffs at the beginning
-> put #include <GL/glx.h> in a #ifndef WIN32

Then open a bug and attach your patch using git-format


2009/8/27 Miquel Ŕngel Farré <miquel.farre@gmail.com>

 Thanks a lot for your sdl example, I have changed some things related with sdl_syswm and some casts and finally it works fine on linux :)

Atached you can find the modified example and his makefile



2009/8/26 Julien Isorce <julien.isorce@gmail.com>
Hi Miquel,

Take a look at gst-plugins-gl/tests/examples/sdl/sdlshare.c example.

(note that I have currently only tested it on win32, but I did the stuffs for GLX, so it should work on linux too)

I think your use case is a little bit more complex because you was talking about threads,
maybe because of sdl main loop and glib main loop.
So if you succeed then I would like to put your example in gst gl git.


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