Hi Tim,
Thanks for the reply.....
This parser is not my parser, it is Gstreamer's parser taken from bad-plugin, I have also tried the same parser with "faad" element to play aac file on my ubuntu desktop and it works fine But the same parser gives this error on my board with my decoder.
Still try to find the issue.........

On Tue, Feb 23, 2010 at 2:33 PM, Tim-Philipp Müller <t.i.m@zen.co.uk> wrote:
On Tue, 2010-02-23 at 11:59 +0530, Mayank Kapoor wrote:

> I am trying to run the following pipeline on target board:
> gst-launch-0.10 filesrc location= AAC_stereo.aac !
> aacparse ! myaac_decoder ! alsasink -v
> here myaac_decoder is the basic aac decoder element that i have
> written.But when I run this pipeline I get following error.
> My understanding from this error is that from aacparse I am getting
> event NEW_SEGMENT with format as NULL(highlighted this error)and hence
> decoder is not going ahead but i dont know how to fix this kind of
> issue.

So this is *your* aacparse as well and not GStreamer's, right?

> 0:00:01.077222307  1989    0xaf5c8 INFO               GST_EVENT
> gstevent.c:591:gst_event_new_new_segment_full: creating newsegment
> update 0, rate 1.000000, format GST_FORMAT_TIME, start
> 0:00:00.000000000, stop 99:99:99.999999999, position 0:00:00.000000000
> 0:00:01.078684857  1989    0xaf5c8 ERROR            savsdec_aac
> gstsavsdecaac.c:345:gst_savsdecaac_sink_event: dropping newsegment
> event in format (null)

It sees unlikely that the event has suddenly changed in between those
two debug lines. More likely a programming / event parsing / debug log
printing error in your aac decoder code.

> 0:00:01.079197646  1989    0xaf5c8 WARN          savs_aacparser
> savs_aac_parser.c:1305:savs_aac_parser_push_frame: failed to push
> buffer. reason: not-negotiated

This is the actual error though. It means you either forgot to put caps
on the buffers you are pushing out, or you put caps on it that are
incompatible with the element downstream of your decoder.


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