In your example, how do I fill the "plugin" variable in "gst_plugin_get_name (plugin)"?

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From: Tim-Philipp Müller []
Sent: Tue 3/30/2010 5:42 AM
Subject: Re: [gst-devel] GList of features from a given GStreamer plugin??

On Mon, 2010-03-29 at 16:11 -0400, Greg Wunder wrote:

> How do I obtain a list of list of features per plugin for the current
> version of GStreamer?
> I was hoping to get a GList object back from a function call if
> possible?

Something like this should work:

GstRegistry *registry;
GList *features;

registry = gst_registry_get_default ();
features = gst_registry_get_feature_list_by_plugin (registry,
    gst_plugin_get_name (plugin));


gst_plugin_feature_list_free (features);


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