From: Stephen M. Webb <>
Sent: Monday, 13 July, 2009 5:39:42 PM
Subject: Re: [Gstreamer-openmax] File not playing with Playbin...

Thank you Stephen for your reply....

On 13/07/09 01:31, Sriramamurti K wrote:
> what can be the Issue?  Is My approach is correct. Can i implement
> filter like this ?

You can implement a filter like that.  You cannot use a filter like that with
playbin.  Your approach is incorrect.

Then How can i test my filter with Top level applications like Totem Player etc ..
Because back-end to these applications is Playbin Right ?

> If Yes What playbin is expecting from *myfilter* point of view ?
> Please any one have idea on this Please help me to solve this problem.
> I got stuck at this point... If Any info needed let me know...

Playbin expects to select a video decoder filter for your Mpeg4 video stream,
which it will pipe through the ffmpegcolorspace and videoscale filters to a
selected video sink.  Caps are negotiated along the pipeline during the setup
and preroll.  Once the caps are negotiated, the first frame is sent along the
pipeline from source to sink.  The same happens for audio.

I understand about Playbin requirements now.If i implement Dummy filters for Decoders and Renders (both audio and Video)  above chain will work or not ? (I mean with Playbin)

If you have written a plugin that acts as a video (or audio) sink and expect
it to take the place of a decoder, you will wait a very, very long time for
the setup and preroll phase to complete.  I hope your decoder does not use
hardware that requires a system restart between runs on failure.

This I am not able to understand. I am having own OpenMax Hardware for all components like Demuxer, Decoders and Renders. As i said i am implemented my filter as Demuxer. Meanwhile i am implemented Dummy Sinks for both audio and video Sinks.  with these i am able to test my filters with following chain.

gst-launch-0.10 filesrc location=/home/sample_mpeg4.mp4 ! MyDemuxer name=demux {demux.audio_00 ! MyAudioSink }  {demux.video_00 ! MyVideoSink }

So please suggest how my filter architecture should be ? So that i am able test with Top level media player applications..

Thanks & Regards
Sriramamurti Kommanapalli

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