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When I execute this pipeline from the command line...

 gst-launch -e rtspsrc location=rtsp:// ! rtpmp4vdepay ! mpeg4videoparse ! mp4mux ! filesink location=myfile

...and send a SIGINT to the process I get a file that is playable because I specified the '-e' which indicates that EOS on shutdown.

However, if I execute the same pipeline from the command line and remove the RTSP server (i.e. force a socket error) the process exits without performing an EOS on shutdown.  A quick look at the code in "gst-launch.c" confirmed my suspicion that EOS on shutdown is only performed on a SIGINT.  What if my application has recorded valuable video data and the network goes down, does this mean I have lost all of that data since the file will not be viewable due to the absence of EOS on shutdown processing on anything that is not a SIGINT?

Thanks in advance.

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