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The project website is now fully functional and will from now on be used to announce project news.
So visit for gSTM project news!

Posted by Mark Smulders 2005-08-24

Gnome SSH Tunnel Manager 0.2

The first big milestone after the initial release; gSTM 0.2
The program is now fully functional, changes in 0.2 include major feature enhancements like the addition of 'Add', 'Delete' and 'Properties' dialogs and some major bugfixes.
Tunnels with local and remote port redirections can be created, deleted, modified and individually started and stopped. A must-have for anyone wanting to securely access private services over an encrypted tunnel!

Posted by Mark Smulders 2005-08-13

gSTM 0.1 Slackware packages available

I've uploaded a Slackware package (created on 10.1). You can find it tagged as "Other binary package" in the Files list.

Posted by Mark Smulders 2005-08-09

Gnome SSH Tunnel Manager initial release!

Finally, the very first version of gSTM hits the streets!

gSTM, short for Gnome SSH Tunnel Manager, is a Gnome2 front-end to the cumbersome ssh commandline to open ssh tunnels (port redirects). It also includes gAskpass which is a Gnome2 askpass dialog.

To install, use the usual "./configure; make; make install" routine (the latter as root obviously)

This is an early release of gSTM. The code is a little messy or 'debuggish' at some points
but it is put together to get a functioning result. As such, this program should do the job it's
designed to do. It Just Works (tm). However it should not surprise you if some bugs should surface.
Please report bugs at the sourceforge project site:
!***!... read more

Posted by Mark Smulders 2005-08-08

gAskpass 0.2

small enhancement from 0.1 - it now uses the supplied commandline parameter, if availabe (typically "user@hosts's password:")

Posted by Mark Smulders 2005-08-05

gAskpass 0.1

I've released a small piece from gSTM as a separate program: gAskpass. It's a small Gnome2 dialog that can be used with the SSH_ASKPASS env variable (see ssh manpage for details)

Posted by Mark Smulders 2005-08-01