A probable GNU Spice UI bug

  • Tomas Bautista
    Tomas Bautista


    I am working with GNU Spice UI version 0.9.98 -Version 0.9.98 Alpha (14/10/2009)- included in a Ubuntu/Linux system and it seems it is giving me a rather or less 'tricky' problem. I have already asked about this issue somewhere else (in https://sourceforge.net/projects/ngspice/forums/forum/133842/topic/3660969/index/page/1, inside a ngspice forum, since I thought it was due to a problem related with ngspice). Basically, I was capturing a design in which I wanted to test the behaviour of the model of an Op-Amp when working as a comparator. For this I captured the design with gschem, I got a rather fine netlist (with and instance of the OpAmp correctly referenced) but when defining the conditions for performing the simulation this instance for the OpAmp seems to be removed. This makes that the result of the simulation is not as expected.

    (From an original netlist containing this…

    *-Subcircuit definition first… removed for clearity purposes…
    * (…)

    *==============  Begin SPICE netlist of main design ============
    Vi Vi 0 pwl(0 0 2u 5 4u 0)
    X1 Vi 1 Vcc -Vcc 3 TL082
    VCC2 0 -Vcc DC 15V
    VCC1 Vcc 0 DC 15V
    .INCLUDE ./tl082.301
    RL 0 3 10K 
    Vref 2 0 5
    R2 1 0 10K 
    R1 2 1 10K 

    it later gives this after settling the conditions for simulation


    * Component Definitions
    RL 0 2 10K
    VCC1 Vcc 0 DC 15V
    VCC2 0 -Vcc DC 15V
    Vi Vi 0 pwl(0 0 1m 5 2m 0)
    Vref 1 0 2.5


    and X1 is removed!!

    On the other hand, I am also having the problem with locales since I'm working with Spanish (es) and in Spanish the floating point is reference with a comma. Therefore I am (temporarily) solving this by executing 'gspiceui' with placing 'LANG=C' first.