a bug in svn ver 73?

wing lau
  • wing lau
    wing lau

    Hi there,
    I just compiled from the svn (ver 73, I think). It works fine but seems that something wrong with ngspice processing. the head line of the result data file is lost. I did an AC analysis and the result data is expected to be:
    #frequency  VDM(node#)
    .....               ........
    .....               ........

    but now it looks like:
    ......              .......
    ......              .......

    Any idea?

    • Mike W.
      Mike W.

      At present the SVN isn't the place to get working code. I'm still in the process of making some
      significant changes to the code and so it's broken. I've been working on this version for about
      12 months and am hoping that I'm getting close to a new working version.

      As a developer I've found that as soon as I create a working version of some code I soon
      come up with a new idea which results in the code being broken again. Consequently the
      code in the SVN is almost always broken. When I get a chance I'll learn how to set up tags
      so that people can retrieve "working" versions from the SVN.