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GSN project migrated to new platform on Sourceforge

The GSN project has been migrated to a new platform on Sourceforge as the old platform will be discontinued starting from April 22nd, 2013.

More details here:

Posted by Sofiane Sarni 2013-04-14

SQL Server DB support

See version 0.95 release notes.

Posted by ali salehi 2007-04-15

Version 0.95 Released.

Dear all,

I'm pleased to inform you about a new release of GSN (version 0.95).
Thanks to the feedback we received from the user community we tried our
best to fix the issues observed by users and add the most popular
requested features to the system.

Here is the list of major changes in the system.

- Adding a new documentation, called "the book of GSN".
- Adding a new wrapper which facilitates communication between virtual
sensors running on the same GSN instance.
- Support for new data sources such as gps devices such as Nokia LD-3W, csv
files, rrd exporter, ...
- Adding dependency graph to load and unload the virtual sensors.
- Support for Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Express edition.
- Improvements on IEEE 1451 related subsystem.
- Complete separation between GSN and the register service.
- Adding (prototype) feedback channel support to the system [feedback can
be received from the web and/or another (local/remote) virtual sensor].
- Adding sample Matlab virtual sensor for post processing in Matlab/octave.
- Moving the web interface completely to AJAX and Google Map.
- Adding several JUnit tests on some of the core classes of the GSN.
- Many performance improvements and bug fixes.... read more

Posted by ali salehi 2007-04-15

Version 0.85 Released.

Dear All,

I would like to annonce the release of the GSN 0.85.

This release marks a significant milestone in the project history.
We have focused on usability, performance and robustness.

The most noteworthy features are:

* The graphical user interface for easy configuration has been enhanced,
* TinyOS 2.x is fully supported,
* BTNode support (through enhanced serial port wrapper)
* Google Maps integration,
* Beginner's documentation shipped with gsn
* The web interface has been completely rewritten and redesigned,... read more

Posted by ali salehi 2006-11-27

BTNode Support is available.

After programming the btnodes, we discovered that actually the support for the btnodes can be provided with the existing GenericSerialWrapper. The packet parsing can be performed at the virtual sensor level.

Posted by ali salehi 2006-11-18

TinyOS 2.X integration

The software wrapper for interacting with Tinyos 2.x family wireless sensor networks is now available for download in the SVN. The full download will be provided in the next release (0.85).

Posted by ali salehi 2006-11-10