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Tagging 0.8.2:

Fixed script to support distributions with no
/usr/sbin in their users' paths (thanks to Erwan Velu).
Added desktop auto-detection to script. This allows
us to use only one desktop file (thanks to Erwan Velu).
Added debian package directory (named "debian.dist" for now to avoid
control file conflicts with Build Service).
Renamed to gsmartcontrol-root, to make Debian happy.
Added make targets for Windows packages (zip and NSIS).
Fixed Windows-related issues (Vista is fully supported now).
Fixed minor bugs:
Smartctl parser is win32-locale-aware now.
No more unnecessary parsing.
No segfault on exit under Windows and Solaris.
A friendlier message is displayed if smartctl was not found.
No hilighted labels when switching tabs in Information window.

alex 2010-12-26

copied /trunk/gsmartcontrol -> /tags/gsmartcontrol-0.8.2