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gShop -Point of Sale system / News: Recent posts

New, worthwhile updates

Updated :

- Requirements spec. Defined the types of businesses we are tagetting, now includes large stores with barcoded inventory. SRS is now online on the website.

- Updated SQL model, new gshop-create.sql is worth a look.

- Added some code to the items maintenance screen. Screen layout is now dynamic / SQL driven - select 'pizza' from the categories and see what happens.

- Started playing with gnome canvases, added some fun canvases to the screen prototype.... read more

Posted by Steve OConnor 2001-01-17

PLEASE - subscribe to the mailing list.

There is a mailing list setup for gshop-devel, which you can get to from the main screen.

PLEASE go there and subscribe - I am getting a lot of incoming mail about gshop, and I am finding it difficult to keep track of everyone, and send back mail messages that hit all interested parties.

So PLEASE go subscribe to the mailing list gshop-devel.


Posted by Steve OConnor 2001-01-07

Item Maintenance Design complete

Get the latest CVS update, and check out the item maintenance screen.

Dynamically creates an entry grid for the entry of the pricing cube.

Posted by Steve OConnor 2001-01-04

CVS is now Alive !

CVS is now alive - so you can cvs get the project and stay up to date.

There is also a new file release 0.1.1, which includes the missing gshop_global.h file that some of you have complained about.

Posted by Steve OConnor 2001-01-03

gshop-0.1.1 is released !

Nice new archive that actually builds nad has no missing files.
Since CVS is still not working, and the file release tools on sourceforge appear to be temporarily broken, you can email me direct to request a copy in your mailbox (458 kbytes)

Posted by Steve OConnor 2000-12-21

Prototype Phase1 Uploaded

Phase 1 prototype has been uploaded.

Hope to have the Phase 1 development complete within a couple of weeks of now (just screen painting and setting up all the callbacks)

Posted by Steve OConnor 2000-12-21