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#75 Ability to set default page size

Heath Petersen

It took a long time to figure out that if you select File->Scan and enter a page size under the Geometry tab and then cancel and go to Edit->Preferences and click Apply, you can get the page size to default to whatever you selected when opening the application.

1 - I'd like to see the default page size under Edit->Preferences.
2 - I don't believe that applying the preferences should save the page size selected under File->Scan. The new default page size should only be able to be set under Edit->Preferences. It should then be the default for the File->Scan interface. (They should be mutually exclusive except for when the File->Scan page size is initially set to the default page size on startup.)


  • Which version of gscan2pdf are you using?

    It is intended that the page size is stored on hitting the scan button, and then restored the next time you start gscan2pdf. Is this not happening for you?

  • Heath Petersen
    Heath Petersen


  • Heath Petersen
    Heath Petersen

    I'm sorry for the delay in my response. I've had some problems keeping up with my emails. Anyway . . .

    Version = 0.9.32 (on Ubuntu)

    1 - It was working that way. The problem was that every time I'd start the program the page size defaulted to A4. I live in the US and wanted it to default to Letter.

    2 - I was able to accomplish this with a weird sequence as noted at the beginning of the post.

    3 - Personally I have no problem with it defaulting when the program is started and changes being able to be made as you scan. In fact, I find that intuitive and desirable. My problem was just setting that start up default. It seems to me like a feature a lot of people would desire.

    4 - If the page size is not in the preferences, why is it getting saved with the preferences. This could lead to confusion if someone changes the page size, scans, and then changes the defaults and saves them.

  • I've just done the following with the current version:

    1. started gscan2pdf
    2. opened the scan dialog. The page size had defaulted to A4.
    3. Set page size to US Letter
    4. scanned a page
    5. quit
    6. restarted gscan2pdf
    7. opened the scan dialog. The page size had now defaulted to US Letter

    AFAIK, this has always been the behaviour. Please go through the steps above and report what you see, one step ata time. If it is still not working as described, please try the current version.