#141 Archive for deleted records


At the moment you just can restrict a user, whether to read or to write to an item like tasks or projects.
But there is no possibility to permit "deletion" of an object.
I think, especially because of legal requirements, it is absolutely necessary to keep old recors, tasks, emails and notes of a contact/company. Therefore an archiving function of deleted records is an urgently needed "must have"!
At the moment I do not see a possibility to solve that problem with the standard features we have in GO/GO Pro.

Maybe, as a further suggestion, there should be a "comment of deletion" and maybe a "type of deletion" (e.g. D01 - no client any more) for further search in archive and to make clear, why the user deleted an item (contact, company, task, project, bill etc.).
The archiving function should be sortable by type (contact, company, tasks, projects...), by user (who deleted), by date (when deleted) and by reason ("type of deletion"). Of course there should be an "unarchive function" to recover the deleted entry.

To keep the database small(er) there should be an export function to export complete archived information of a year to a file for backup purposes (maybe in an independent format, e.g. html, pdf?!?). And of course a reimport should be there, that works... , if you need that for legal purposes somewhere in the future.

You think now, that I am working in a legal company? Sorry for that - no! All companies in Europe do have those legal bindings for archiving business activity. The time for documentation varies between 3 and 10 years depending on the type of information and the country you live in.

Thanks for your attention.

Cheers, Markus


  • Markus

    Maybe combine this feature with an UNDO-function as suggested of Papageno in the forums. This UNDO-feature would be a great help for the daily use of standard users.