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#1545 Ticket: mail linking to ticket folders not working in GO 4.0


= Symptom =
As of GO 4.0 the linking of emails to folders within a ticket is not working properly. Instead of linking to a folder all mails are linked to the folder ROOT.

= Error Replication =
Have a ticket with folders ready: click "ticket" (refer to attachment)
mark a ticket
click "link" on ticket
on the left side you should see the folder ROOT; here at least one folder should be maintained; if not press "+ Add"
change to email module
mark an email -> right click to get menu -> select "link"
search for the ticket with <ticket name="">
the folder tree appears
double click on the sub folder to link the mail to the sub-folder
to check whether the action was successful check whether the mail has really been added to the sub-folder by changing into the ticket menu
* Result: the mail has been linked to the ROOT folder not the sub-folder


  • Will be fixed in 4.0.104. Update on server will follow this weekend.

    • status: open --> closed
    • milestone: --> 2.14