#1455 User has full access for research how to fix


Accessing groupoffice support, and have full access to the survey, the files on it, tickets, etc.
and my version is the same;

we need to fix it .....


Ticket ID: #201101552
Company: Concepte & Ideen
Contact: Urban, Carlos
Owner: Urban, Carlos
E-mail: carlos.urban@concepte-ideen.de
Phone: 04251-92330
Responsible: Nobody
Created at: 31-08-2011 13:17
Modified at: 31-08-2011 13:18
Type: 1. Group-Office 3.x
Status: Open
Priority: High
Urban, Carlos31-08-2011 13:18
A second question: how can I delete newsletters?
Urban, Carlos31-08-2011 13:17
I can't send mails by the newsletter. Beside you can find some logfile and my vhost.conf. I thaught the SAFE_MODE-Settings where correct, because everything seems to work. Please would you have a look and give me some help.


Ticket ID: #201101532
Company: Collectief-IT
Contact: Staring, Paul
Owner: Staring, Paul
E-mail: info@collectief-it.nl
Responsible: Smits, Wesley
Created at: 26-08-2011 15:12
Modified at: 31-08-2011 5:58
Type: 1. Group-Office 3.x
Status: In progress
Priority: Normal
Smits, Wesley31-08-2011 5:58
Hoi Paul,
Kun je dit ook even opnieuw proberen als je hebt geupdate naar de laatste versie van Group-Office.
Status changed to: In progress
Staring, Paul30-08-2011 12:59
Nog nieuws hierover?
Staring, Paul26-08-2011 15:12
Als ik op de knop Instellingen druk (rechtsboven) verschijnt er een popup met een foutmelding:
Database error: Invalid SQL: SELECT al.name, al.email, al.signature, al.id AS default_alias_id, a.
,u.first_name, u.middle_name, u.last_name FROM em_accounts a LEFT JOIN go_users u on u.id=a.user_id INNER JOIN em_aliases al ON (al.account_id=a.id AND al.default='1') WHERE type='imap' AND user_id='3' ORDER BY standard ASC
MySQL Error: 1054 (Unknown column 'standard' in 'order clause')


Ticket ID: #201101541
Company: Education & IT Ltd
Contact: francis, maurice
Owner: francis, maurice
E-mail: maurice@editltd.co.uk
Phone: 0844 357 3347
Responsible: Smits, Wesley
Created at: 30-08-2011 7:55
Modified at: 30-08-2011 10:03
Type: 1. Group-Office 3.x
Status: In progress
Priority: High
Smits, Wesley30-08-2011 10:03
Hi Maurice,

The "systemusers" module is not needed for running GO.

The functionality of the module is described in here:
francis, maurice30-08-2011 9:59
Thanks for your response.

Seems to have resolve issue.

Is the systemuser module not needed?
Smits, Wesley30-08-2011 9:44
You need to uninstall the systemusers module.
Smits, Wesley30-08-2011 9:43
You need to remove the systemusers module in the modules tab if it is installed.
francis, maurice30-08-2011 9:42
The module is installed and admin has full access
francis, maurice30-08-2011 9:39
What permission do i give the users.
Smits, Wesley30-08-2011 9:22
Hi Maurice,

Have you enabled the systemusers module?
I think that the problems will be solved when you disable that module.
* Status changed to: In progress
francis, maurice30-08-2011 7:55
We keep getting errors when we try to save or apply settings in group office.

I have attached a copy of the error,


  • This is fixed. Please upgrade and Use System tools -> rebuild search index



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