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#1453 Syncing trigged by call date

Egil Hansen

Just discovered the following behaviour when syncing my Andorid phone with Z-push.

  1. Create a contact in GO. For example:

Name: Rembrandt van Rijn, Email: rembrandt@leiden.nl, Phone: 071 1234567

  1. Sync the phone. Rembrandt is now added to the phone. :)

  2. In GO, change his email address. For example to rembrandt@gmail.com

  3. From the phone, give Rembrandt a call. (regular phone call)

  4. Sync the phone again: Rembrandts email adress is set back to rembrandt@leiden.nl in GO (!)

My conclusion:
There probably is a field in the phone for "Last call". This triggers GO sync to believe that the phone has the most recent version of the contact and syncs all fields.

If a contact is updated in GO, those changes will be destroyed and reverted (automatically and invisible) by a phone user simply calling the contact and the syncing hs phone.

Perhaps someone with an iPhone could also test this?


  • Do you have set that the server wins in the z-push config.php:

    // Default conflict preference
    // Some devices allow to set if the server or PIM (mobile)
    // should win in case of a synchronization conflict
    // SYNC_CONFLICT_OVERWRITE_SERVER - Server is overwritten, PIM wins
    // SYNC_CONFLICT_OVERWRITE_PIM - PIM is overwritten, Server wins (default)

  • Closed due to inactivity

    • status: pending --> closed
    • milestone: --> 2.14