#1416 File upload en Gota doesnt work !


After upgrade to 3.7.20 we are not able to save a documnet wikt gota or cannot upload a document with the simple upload option.
The Java upload tool is still able to upload files, but the above methodes are not working anymore


  • For upload smal files the error
    PHP Warning: array_shift() [function.array-shift]: The argument should be an a rray in /export/home/www/go/modules/files/action.php on line 282

    For Gota the error
    PHP Notice: Undefined variable: fs in /export/home/www/go/modules/gota/juploader.php on line 77
    PHP Fatal error: Call to a member function move() on a non-object in /export/home/www/go/modules/gota/juploader.p hp on line 77

  • It looks like you have a mix of a new community version and old pro version files. Please redownload the package from the webshop.

  • Concerned to gota this is maybe the case, but we have the Ct professional version and I don't know we have the right to register us in the webshop to get this newer version.

    Concerning to the file upload, this seems having nothing to do with the gota java application. I am wrong ?

  • You can't mix versions of pro and com. You need to get the latest update for you at the webshop.

  • At the Webshop I can not find any update availeble for me.
    We were using the profesinal version from the Ct' magazine (Dutch)
    Can you made this update online availeble foor me ?

  • Sorry, this was a special version. To upgrade and keep the GOTA functionality you need the pro version.

    • status: pending --> closed
    • milestone: --> 2.14


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