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Version 1.741 UPDATE

Changed software packages with wrong directory structure.

Posted by Stefan 2012-02-21

New Version 1.741

* Many bugfixes in activesync for Android and iOS5
* Minor bugfixes in E-Mail, Calendar and Adresses

***New features***.
* New system language french
* Several improvements for Asterisk 1.4,1.6,1.8
* Escalation management for Infomanager documents
* Templatesystem, colors, ressources in calendar module

Posted by Stefan 2012-02-16

New Version 1.725

* Several bugfixes for IE9 and Firefox 4
* Several bugfixes for ActiveSync

***New features***.
* LDAP filtering for users in config
* Asterisk Integration over AJAM
* Click2dial for addresses and virtual office
* Popup at incoming asterisk calls
* Roaming Phones

Posted by Stefan 2011-03-31

New Version 1.720RC3

- Bugfix in ActiveSync for older ISO Databases

Posted by Stefan 2010-06-16

New Version 1.720

New Version 1.720 is no online.
* Several fixes for PHP 5.3
* Minor Bugfixes
***New features***
* ActiveSync (push) for tasks, contacts and events
* Management of resources (e.g. rooms,cars) in calendar module
* HTML Template engine in calendar module

Posted by Stefan 2010-06-14

New Version GROUP-E 1.710

* All incompabilities with PHP > version 5.3 are fixed
* Several minor bugfixes

***New features***.
* Possibility to mark events as private (nobody sees the content)
* New version of CKEditor in e-mail module

Posted by Stefan 2010-03-07

New Version GROUP-E 1.707

* GoTo function in GROUP-E is now renamed in GoToLink (bug in GROUP-E PHP > version 5.3).
* Wrong number of weeks in extended calendar mode is now corrected.
* Some minor bugfixes.

Posted by Stefan 2009-10-16

New Version 1.706

* Several javascript bugfixes for IE7
* Bugfix for image preview in e-mail module. ImageMagick now don't eat all memory and cpu time while converting multipaged tiff's.
* Invalid links in Notes->E-Mail forwarding are now corrected
***New features***.
* Improved search interface in task module.
* Improved search interface in project module.
* Javascript mailbox search for copy/move actions in e-mail module

Posted by Stefan 2009-08-28

New Version 1.705

New Features:
* WebDAV Server
* Mass editing of adresses

Posted by Stefan 2009-07-07

Security Update 1.6.42

Bugfix for the head_auth.php vulnerability (see\)

Posted by Stefan 2008-03-03

New Release 1.6.41

***New features***
* Archiving of Projects
* Samba mount system for php < 5 for faster access
* Java Multiupload in e-mail client
* Inline preview of jpg,png,gif and pdf in e-mail client
* Internal forwarding of e-mails
* Unlimited quota for cyrus mailboxes

Posted by Stefan 2008-02-27

&quot;The Xmas Edition&quot; 1.6.4

Have fun !

Posted by Stefan 2007-12-21

New Release 1.6.39

New features in projects and time recording

Posted by Stefan 2007-11-20


group-e (1.638) ***Security Release*** (14.10.2007)
* Major bugfix in E-Mail. (At forwarding or replying e-mails, it may appear that the e-mail is moved in the trash folder, only with Internet Explorer)
* Major bugfix in Preferences. ("Fatal Error" when changing your personal password, only in LDAP Installations)
* Minor bugfix in E-Mail. (E-mails that doesn't exist in the INBOX can't be opened directly in the search interface)
* Minor bugfix in E-Mail. (When changing from HTML mode to text mode the signatures are confused)
***New features***
* Infomanager. (Direct editing of content in "View mode")
* E-Mail. (Free choice of mailbox size in "Create new account" Interface)

Posted by Stefan 2007-10-14

New Release 1.6.36

The calendar module now works with "drag and drop".
Major bugfixes in SyncML module for Symbian 60 and Funambol syncML client.

Posted by Stefan 2007-08-09

New Release 1.6.34

We have added an nice new login page. The new "DoubleClick" feature provides fast access to the editor interfaces of E-Mail,Adresses and Tasks
Also some minor bugfixes are submitted.

Posted by Stefan 2007-06-07