Multiple DOMs in a script

  • Can there be multiple DOM metadata tags in a script?  If so, multiple DOMs be available in the script?  If so, how are clashes between properties of various DOMs handled?

    waiting for reply,

    - Venkatesh Prasad Ranganath

    • James E. Ervin
      James E. Ervin

      I do not know if you got the reply.  Multiple DOMs can be available in the script, just add another * DOM: <Plugin URL> line to the metadata.  Clashes are not handled, I am thinking of how to implement it.

      • Nope, I didn't get the reply; however, I did figure it out.

        BTW, if you are planning to maintain a page where GroovyMonkey is being used, then you may about the next release of Kaveri (  I can mail you an update when it is released.

        Thanks for your reply,

        - RV