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java4k Log

Commit Date  
[de7cf6] (137 Bytes) by Groboclown Groboclown

Add a new attirbute to the zip2gz task which better allows for ignoring conversion if the tool was not available to create the source.

2013-11-13 19:05:14 View
[781abd] (99 Bytes) by albrechtm

Update the ignore file for support of IntelliJ

2013-10-15 13:58:45 View
[a26a61] (110 Bytes) by groboclown

Restructure the examples, and help the build work with and without local tools.

2012-12-11 18:51:33 View
[c12174] (66 Bytes) by groboclown

Update framework to allow the game build structure to be located anywhere relative to the tools, and allow each game to have its own set of tool sources.

2012-12-11 17:57:49 View
[c3890d] (31 Bytes) by groboclown groboclown

Add ignore file

2012-12-02 00:23:15 View