Thank you, Benjamin, for information.

Carlos, I would your help in getting Lao support under Grisbi. I realized that current version of Grisbi doesn't not support Lao UNICODE under Windows XP. It maybe a minor issue that we have to look into.
Anyhow we can try work things out ...


On 7/24/06, Benjamin Drieu < > wrote:
"Anousak Souphavanh" <> writes:

> I am Anousak Souphavanh, am a Lao software developer (mainly Open Source)
> from Laos. I found Grisbi Account software to be very useful. I was
> wondering how many [other] languages that already translated? I would like
> to take on the task to translate to Lao language.

Hey Anousak and thank you for your proposal,

Grisbi is now translated into 12 languages and we are eager to see
more!  We would really love to see it translated into Lao language.
Grisbi is translated using gettext, which you maybe know already.

For more information, please contact Carlos Camara (which is in CC of
this mail).  He is the one in charge of translation and will be happy
to help you and give you access to needed stuff.


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Anousak Souphavanh