I tied in the Poetry category with Charlee Jacob, for her poetry book, Sineater.
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I was honored to have edited that collection. They stock a number of Arnzen titles, including Fluid Mosaic, which just went out of print in paperback, and the extended version of Gorelets: Unpleasant Poems. Artist Deena Warner has a ton of shots online now. You'll get sucked in on the first page, and won't put the book down until you reach the breathless finale.
Arnzen weaves a gripping tale with just the right blend of intrigue, horror, and morality. The dismembered hand is taking questions. I love that title, "Mythic Delirium. If you like that one, you might want to read the archive of my conversation with them about horror and poetry from last April.
Devilish, bizarre and irreverent, this book has everything: an insatiable plot, fingerlicking prose, and characters who will eat your heart out with a wooden spoon!
Young and slick, he knew how to play the high roller, dress the part, and make his opponents sweat. I'll try to be brief.
the range of musical styles, just like the stories, is eclectic.