United Nations Compensation Commission
Palais Des Nations, 1211 Geneva 10, Switzerland.

Ref: UNOG/012/UNCC/UN501-P

Dear Valued Citizen,

We bring to your notice the recent action in the compensation department of the United
Nations Compensation Commission (UNCC). The total sum of One Billion Two Hundred
Thousand U.S Dollars ($1.2 Billion) has been approved by this commission UNCC; to support
natural deserters victims worldwide. UNCC is a subsidiary organ of the UN Security Council.
Its mandate is to retrieve lost funds through various law agents and also to process claims
and pay compensation for losses and damages suffered as a result of the Tsunami and Hurricane.
The amount above has been approved for payment through the World Bank correspondent banks.
Selected individual(s) will receive the sum of $1,155,000.00 each.

This include citizens of ASIA, AU, EU, AFRICA & AMERICA, to support people in countries across
the region affected by the Tsunami and Hurricane. And, individuals that lost Inheritance and contract
funds years ago. Hence, you received this letter for either of the above reasons.

This has been approved and duly signed by the Finance Department of the United Nations
Compensation Commission. Hence, the Japanese PM, Australian PM and the British Prime
Minister in conjunction with the U.S Government, World Bank and the United Nations hereby
provide the following Irrevocable Approval, with Release No: UN/US/AU-GB/ZX298/2012 for payment
reference. You thus qualify to receive payment after bank verification.

A representative will assist you with the process. Write to Mr. Adrain A. March, the UN Financial
Services Representative, Global Agency and Trust Services Division of World Bank, please quote
below reference number in message subject.

Reference No: US210-UN501-P012
Contact Person: Mr. Adrain A. March, UNFSR
UN Financial Services Representative.
Global Agency and Trust Services division of World Bank.
Tele/Fax: +1 (347) 619-2764

Thank you,

Ms. Valerie A. Amos
Under-Secretary-General for
Humanitarian Affairs and
Emergency Relief Coordinator