#88 Fix handling of forward slash in song names

Trevor Harmon

When ripping a CD, Grip creates .wav files with the
same names as the song titles. This can cause problems
when song names have a forward slash ('/'), such as in
"Various Artist" compilations. For example, the song
name "Beatles / Twist and Shout" messes things up
because the forward slash is a directory separator.
Rather than writing a file called "Beatles / Twist and
Shout.wav", Grip creates a subdirectory called "Beatles
" and writes the file in this directory as " Twist and
Shout.wav". This isn't really a problem except for the
spaces -- note the trailing space in "Beatles " and the
leading space in " Twist and Shout". Ideally, there
would be some method that allows the user to specify a
replacement string for certain characters that aren't
compatible with filenames. For instance, "/" could be
changed to "-" and "&" could be changed to "and". A
simpler workaround, however, is to check song titles
for any slash characters and remove all whitespace
before and after those characters. A patch that does
this is attached, diffed against 3.0.6.


  • Trevor Harmon
    Trevor Harmon

    Whitespace patch