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New stable version of Grip released (v3.2.0)

After about a year on a dev branch, this is a new stable release. Many changes were made, with the highlights being gnome2 support and improved internationalization.

Posted by Mike Oliphant 2004-04-26

Grip 3.0.0 released

This is the first non-development release since 2.96. It adds online help, i18n (German, French, Japanese, and Chinese), increased portability (Solaris and FreeBSD), building with GNU configure, id3v2 support, proxy auth support, gain analysis, FreeDB protocol level 5 support, and a ton of smaller features and bugfixes.

Posted by Mike Oliphant 2002-04-16

Grip 2.95 released

This version adds ogg support, rip/encode speed indicators, 8bit character support, better creation of .m3u files, additional ID3 genres, and a number of bugfixes.

Posted by Mike Oliphant 2000-10-20

Grip 2.94 released

v2.94 has been released. It includes more stable cddb lookups, better FreeBSD support, and support for ID3v1.1 (accidentally left out of the previous version).

Posted by Mike Oliphant 2000-04-18

Grip now available

Grip (cd-player/ripper/mp3-encoder) is now available for download on sourceforge. Version 2.93 was released yesterday. A Grip user mailing list has also been set up.

Posted by Mike Oliphant 2000-04-09