#75 Add filter to run on whole dir after encoding

David Roche

Currently, in Config/Rip/Options, there is both a "Wav
filter command" and a "Disc filter command". The Wav
filter runs after each file is ripped, and the Disc
filter runs after the whole disc is ripped.

The Config/Encode/Options screen has an "Encode filter
command" that runs after each file is encoded, but it
does *not* have a filter analogous to the
"Config/Rip/Options/Disc filter command". This is
unfortunate, since a filter to run on ALL files that
were encoded would be very useful. In particular, I
want to run 'mp3gain -a' to do ReplayGain normalization
on the entire album (http://www.replaygain.org/). LAME
has ReplayGain built in, but it only works on single
files, and I want to do the "album" normalization via
the mp3gain command available on my Debian distro.

So, my feature request is this:

Add an "Album filter command" option to
Config/Encode/Options, which is analogous to
"Config/Rip/Options/Disc filter command" (i.e., runs
once after all files are encoded).

This will be very useful for running commands on entire
MP3 albums.



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    I second this request!

    The file by file gain calculation makes silent songs as loud
    as loud songs. It would be better to preserve differences in
    song volume levels as the artist intended them to be.

    fropeter at online dot no