#41 FreeDB ID & user rating in tables


It would be useful for database maintenance to have the FreeDB/CDDB ID
stored away with the disc and also the track, so that I could update all of the
disc and tack info s in my database from nice fresh CDDB info (for example,
when I've ripped, found a mistake in FreeDB, and corrected it in FreeDB).
Keep the FreeDB ID in both the disc and track tables, to allow
joins/maintenance in the case of orphaned tracks or other circumstances I
can't imagine yet but have the feeling would be a Good Thing(tm).

The new GRIP version could check the database when it fires up to see if it
had the new freedbid column, and if not automagically add it without the user
ever knowing. THen new discs GRIPped would get the new feature. The
other column which would be nice to add at the same time is a user rating for
the song... you know when you love the album but just hate that ONE song.
0 for NEVER PLAY THIS track/disc, and 1 to 9 for ratings (9 is best).

Would you have a new column for each different userid, say
user_rating_root and user_rating_indulis or is there a smarter way to keep
tuples like this in a single column? The downside would be that if a new
userid started GRIP, the column would get added for all songs, still even if
you have 10,000 tracks thats probably not much additional DB space! And
it is easy to work out the column names for each user.

That way I could give my girlfriend a signon to my linux system, and she
could play the CDs she likes, and maybe start to LIKE this time-eating


PS thanks for the great programs...