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#25 rip complete CD as a single mp3 file


I have a little suggestion that might be useful for
people who would like to rip "live albums" or mixed
albums. It would be nice in the "rip" panel to have a
checkbox to rip the whole album as a single mp3 file.
I have some albums that I don't want them to be
seperated by tracks since when I put them in my car mp3
player, there is a 2 sec pause between songs.

I think cdparanoia can rip the whole album as a single
file and then just call lame and name the track the
album title by omitting the song names.


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    Actually, I think that it would be nice not only if an
    entire album could be encoded as a single MP3 file but if
    grip treated the general case of joining arbitrary track
    sequences (say, 4, 5 and 6) as one track.

    In that case, the value of the %-substitution of the name of
    the track could be the concatenation of the names of the
    tracks joined.

    This would be extremely convenient for studio CDs like the
    1st release of "Liquid Tension Experiment", which features a
    single song split into many tracks.

    While grip already has suport for extracting arbitrary
    sections of a CD (entered as sectors of the CD), the
    particular case where the first sector to extract is the
    first sector of one track and the last sector to extract is
    the last sector of a given track is worth being implemented.

    See http://www.apple.com/itunes/encode.html (in fact
    for what I think would be nice to have in grip.