#14 virtual tracks

Paul Cassella

I think virtual tracks would be useful. That is, a
"track" which is part of a physical track, or even
made up of parts of multiple physical tracks.

This would be most useful for CDs with multiple songs
on the same track, usually as a hidden song on the last
track following a few minutes of silence. By making
each song on the last track into its own virtual track,
one would be able to listen to just the parts of the
physical track that have music on them.

An extreme example is Monty Python's "Another Monty
Python CD", which has two half-hour long tracks, each
of which contains lots of sketches. Also on this CD
is a case where it would be better to allow virtual
tracks to be non-continuous - that is, to skip a bit.
One of the sketches is interrupted by an announcement
that would be better to skip.

I'm envisioning a second Tracks tab on the main grip
window, perhaps called "VTracks", which would let you
create, play, modify, and mark for ripping virtual

Virtual track info would be stored in the local cddb
files, but couldn't be submitted to the cddb servers
until there's support for them in the CDDB protocol.

I think they could be done as an extension to the CDDB

VTITLE0=A simple virtual track containing frames 150
through 5000

VTITLE1=A more complicated virtual track which skips,
partially overlaps the previous one, and does not only
go forward (the third range occurs before the second)
VTITLE2=A virtual track that is exactly Physical Track 4


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    You could always just rip them and then chop them up
    afterwards? If the tracks have silence between them,
    check out "gramofile", it does it automatically.


  • Paul Cassella
    Paul Cassella

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    I could just rip them and then chop them up afterwards. Or
    use the "rip partial track" feature of grip, which is how I
    used to do it. I think the vtrack approach, especially when
    the frames can be editted from the gui, is more general.

    For example, with vtracks, one can play the tracks from the CD.

    I also feel, though of course I'm biased, that vtracks are
    more easily shared and reused.

    In any case, there is a very usable vtrack patch under
    development in the patch tracker:


    Though now I've added to my TODO list to import gramofile
    and xmcd2make datafiles, and to use gramofile to build an
    initial .vtrackinfo file.

  • Paul Cassella
    Paul Cassella

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