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#384 Enhancement request


Hi, I was relatively new to ripping CDs and decided to do my entire collection to my Infrant ReadyNAS NV+ (3 TB). I didn't know what the bitrate should be, so I decided to rip and save the .wav files. I am using Amarok as a player. OpenSuSE 10.3 OS, and a Sony x32 USB 2.0 or Firewire DVD +/-, CD +/-, CDRW, external drive.

So, I got all of the way through the collection, and Amarok is not displaying anything. I finally discover that the tags are what caused the no display. Okay, live and learn. Thank goodness, I thought, that I saved the .wav files. Sorta.

Now, however, I need to re-encode the .wav files with the tags. I expect that I could save a lot of time by not needing to re-rip the .wav files. Er, yeah, but not really.

What I have to do with Grip is put the CD back into the drive and let it notice that the ripping is finished, and then the encoding starts. Problem is that the drive eject doesn't work and it is failing with "unable to unlock" and "unable to eject" errors. What I finally settled on was, wait for the tracks to be unchecked for rip, turn off the drive, turn the drive back on, eject. Wait for Grip to ecode, exit. Load new disk, start grip. Rinse, repeat (times about 300). It is still faster than re-ripping.

On the rare CD where I somehow missed a track, the track was ripped and the drive behaved itself. I am suspecting that the sequence of lock, access, unlock, eject -- without reading -- is getting messed up. It works if there is a drive access, from what I can tell.

So, here is the request: Please consider the re-encoding scenario above and see if you can make Grip behave itself. I know this is probably a corner case and nobody rips and saves .wav files. I am going to do that, however, because I have the storage and I want portable *and* full quality music available without the CDs.

Thanks, if you want me to enable debug or do something special, I would be happy to do it, I am an experienced Linux admin and also know software development, just not this particular product.


please use Grip@RobLucke.Com for any email. Thanks!