#361 grip only runs one day


WEll, it's kind of strange, and i don't even know, if
it is grips problem. After installing grip from suse
10.0 dvd, version 3.2.0-14, it all works fine. cds are
ripped, then automatically ejected from the cd drive.
Then, the next day, when starting grip again, the first
cd is ripped fine all to the end. But then, the cd is
no longer ejected, and ripping and encoding start over
and over again. The cd is locked in the drive, drives
eject button doen's have any effect any more.
Then i just uninstalled grip using my rpm-manager and
installed the software again from suse's source dvd.
Starting grip, and all works fine again. This happens
every day for some days now (i'm ripping all my cds, to
have them easier at hand). Every time i start up my
computer in the evening, i have to first delete
-install grip to make grip work properly.
If i can help with further details, please mail to
gasser (it's an AT, baby) websource dot ch

P. S. this thread is related to thread number 1531683.
I think, the bug has nothing to do with the update,
because it happens with the updated program as well as
with the non-updated bin. Think thread 1531683 can be


  • Appears to still be a bug, or something very similar. Occasionally gets stuck ripping-and-reripping the same CD over and over again.