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#358 3.3.1. crash with " and problems with /-signs


Grip 3.3.1. run with Ubuntu 6.06 crashes, whenever the
"-Sign is used within a file name. A /-sign within a
name dneies writing-access to a directory, which itself
is created properly. Both happens even so these signs
are included within the 'Characters not to strip in
filenames' section
Any Suggestions?


  • Matthias Vill
    Matthias Vill

    Logged In: YES

    The case for / is easy: it is not allowed inside filenames
    at all, because it is easyly mixed up with the
    directory-separtor in the file path. If you would like to
    use it as directory seperator, than you still need to ensure
    the directory exists e.g. by runing "mkdir -p
    /path/to/the/directory" (the -p ensures mkdir also creates
    /path, /path/to,... if they don't exist)

    The " is most probpably also a bad idea. Though I believe
    they are allowed in filenames, they need to be escaped when
    the are passed as arguments to a programm like your encoder
    or an external rip-program. Why? Ok: There is a need to pass
    arguments containig e.g. white space to a programm. For that
    reason arguments can be surrounded by ". If you try to use a
    " in you filename you would normally write a \" to avoid
    that it is interpreted as an argument-border. Maybe gaim
    does not do this (espacially when it is treated as valid

    So I suggest you remove both characters from the 'characters
    not to strip in filenames' and be happy that they reappear
    when you look in the id3 tags.