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french VAT change and gril-m works

after a pause, the gril-m project restart.
First : the change of the french VAT will work natively but we have made some little additionnal change.
two : we planned to add two new feature on the actual version :
- discount feature in all the bill
- add/minus option for all product (need new tables, and interface feature (maybe ajax)
Last : i have increase my competence on php and we plan to convert gril-m in php/mysql for 2010.

Posted by Charles-Fr BENKE 2009-06-30

Gril-M 2.0 on the test

The development of Gril-M 2.0 is finished, we can show an demo here and for the touch interface here .
This new version include the managing of the plates and improve the en_us version with better translation (big thanks to krem) and a better management of the default en langage.
One of our current tasks is finalizing tests on a english version of Windows.
After this release, the Next step will be to correct the documentation and to translating it in english, if someone can help us, Welcome on board.
The next big development will be to manage the stock with a web service and Ajax (I hate to test it on the ipod touch)... read more

Posted by Charles-Fr BENKE 2007-11-22

GRIL-M 2.0 on the pipe

Any corrections since our tests with the ipod touch will be available in a version 2.0 that we put online quickly.
We will begin developing a new function: managing formulas (entered sweet dish) whose analysis is finished

Posted by Charles-Fr BENKE 2007-10-18

ipod touch is finally delivered

and the first bugs appeared :-(
during this weekend we will make some final improvements and improvements (we can finally make truths tests).
While waiting, the use is really incredible, intuitive and fast. I hope that you will like that as much as with me.

Posted by Charles-Fr BENKE 2007-10-04

GRIL-M 1.5 is released

Welcome to GRIL-M 1.5 . This version is completely stable. You can test it at the website : or

Posted by socola83 2007-09-27

GRIL-M 1.4 is released

Welcome to GRIL-M 1.4

Posted by socola83 2007-09-21

Ipod touch

The Ipod touch web interface will be avaible at then end of september (like for the ipod Touch)
we deliver some screenshots and web page next week.

Posted by Charles-Fr BENKE 2007-09-09