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#8 h_vmem enforcement misbehavior in single node smp


I set h_vmem limits for a simple smp single execution node configuration.
The queued script launches 4 indipendent processing each of which allocates 1MB/10ms until killed by sge_shepherd.


  • Anonymous

    allocates memory at fixed rate, until killed


  • Anonymous

    sorry for the incomplete submission..

    Using GE 6.2u5, installed from debian squeeze packages following

    I set up a very simple single node configuration, with 1 queue and with h_vmem limit enforced.
    The attached testmem.c is compiled with gcc and run with the script
    ===== ====================================
    # nome in coda
    #$ -N provamarc
    # shell di esecuzione
    #$ -S /bin/sh
    # Make sure that the .e and .o file arrive in the
    # working directory
    #$ -cwd
    #Merge the standard out and standard error to one file
    #$ -j y

    ./a.out > ./out.0.txt &
    ./a.out > ./out.1.txt &
    ./a.out > ./out.2.txt &
    ./a.out > ./out.3.txt

    Hence we have 4 independent processes per submission run, and 4 output files to chech at which allocation level (roughly) the process is killed.

    I submit (non concurrently) the following scripts with the commands
    1) qsub -pe smp 4 -l h_vmem=3.9G ./
    2) qsub -pe smp 4 -l h_vmem=4G ./
    3) qsub -pe smp 2 -l h_vmem=7.8G ./
    4) qsub -pe smp 2 -l h_vmem=8G ./

    sge_shepherd is expected to kill the processes as the SUM of the virtual memory used by the processes reaches the [slots]*[h_vmem] limit.

    Such behavior is respected in runs 1), 3), but not in 2), 4), where the processes are killed only when they TAKEN SINGULARLY reach the [slots]*[h_vmem] limit.

    In cases 2) 4), at the time the 4 process are killed the machine has already allocated 4*16Gb of memory.

    It seems such behavior is consistent below and above the (roughly) 4Gb per process limit.

    Just check if the behavior can be reproduced.


  • Anonymous

    script, non-inlined version


  • Anonymous

    testmem.c has been compiled with gcc version 4.4.5, and the machine has a 64bit debian squeeze OS, and 96Gb (plenty) of ram, 12 slots (cores).

    Last edit: Anonymous 2014-06-10