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Read Me

These files provide an interface to the channel logs and the factoids db for the gribble-fork of supybot. To set these up, follow these instructions.

* Place the two php files into some directory that your web server can serve. We will refer to the path as $webdir.
* Create a 'factoids' directory inside $webdir
* Create symlinks to your factoids databases inside $webdir/factoids. If you serve factoids for multiple channels, it is recommended to name your symlinks with channel name. So e.g., you might do something like this, from within $webdir/factoids:
   ln -s /path/to/Factoids.db \#yourchannel
* The index.php will automatically index the files in $webdir/factoids and show a list of available factoids.
* After you are done, make the $webdir/factoids directory non-writable by you. Otherwise, the viewfactoids.php can create empty files when it tries to read nonexistent databases. To do this, run, from within $webdir:
  chmod ugo-w factoids
* The index.php can also index your channel logs. To allow for that, create the $webdir/channellogs directory, and inside it, make symlinks to the directories of your channellogs.
* The index.php further is hardcoded to link to #sourceforge pisg stats. You probably want to edit that out of index.php.