#4 Gri + Octave

Dan Kelley

Have you ever considered approaching the Octave people
about making Gri the graphics engine for Octave? Right
now they are using Gnuplot, which isn't all that great,
and they can not seem to agree on what to use instead.


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    Dan Kelley

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    Hi, and thanks for the idea. Yes, I've thought of this.
    However, there is a lot of work involved to do this well,
    mainly involving drawing to the screen in realtime. Gri
    _used_ to do that. I started Gri on a Macintosh, and it
    used to have lots of function calls to draw on the Mac
    screen. However, eventually I switched to Unix and didn't
    want to have to rewrite all my Mac calls for X11. (Well, I
    started, and then got tired.) Plus, X11 doesn't support
    rotated text, true PostScript output, etc.

    In other words, the "draw on screen" aspect opens a lot of
    cans of worms. I don't want Gri to lose the abilities it
    has (i.e. things relating to PostScript). From time to time
    it seems that Display-Postscript will become common, but it
    keeps dying. (It was on Sun computers in the NeWS system
    but then Sun gave up and went to X11 instead. It was on
    NeXT, then NeXT died.)

    I think the thing to do is to put gtk (or some-such) code
    into gri. My problem is that there are two streams of
    window-dressing, even for linux. I'd hate to code it up for
    one style, only to find that that style dies and that the
    whole thing has to be recoded. (When a subroutine/object
    package goes out of favour, nobody can hack in it anymore.
    So, even if it is still formally alive, its unpopularity
    means that few users can work with the source. Therefore it
    is, in a sense, "closed" source. I don't want gri to be
    closed source.)

    So, in summary, yes I have thought about it but I'd need a
    bit of a push before leaping :-)

    PS: sorry for the long time in replying. I seemed not to be
    monitoring this forum, so I missed it for a week.

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