#75 Please state the obvious/nonobvious

Tim Nall

I haven't studied Econ/Stats since 1991, and have forgotten everything. Downloaded gretl for work with linguistic data. Have spent weeks now furiously trying to catch up on what I forgot decades ago. While I admit it has been genuinely pleasant and gratifying to re-learn about autocorrelation, Durbin-Watson etc., there comes a point where I have to ask, why do you force me to spend weeks studying, when you have all the info to necessary to draw the relevant conclusions? Why don't you just display the conclusions? When I run White's test for heteroskedacity, since you know the p-value, the comparison statistic, and the sample size, why don't you display a string of text that say there is/isn't heteroskedacity? For DW, you could say is/isn't/indeterminate, etc.

Why make it hard on users? It would be one thing if the answers weren't available for display, but they are. Not everyone knows (or remembers) the relavant stats.