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Document not found or links not working

  • scott

    If anyone has issues with some links not working after you install Gregarius, Mr. Bonetti (the developer) provided the following advice:

    "It's a common problem, that usually arises when conflicting
    mod_rewrite directives affect gregarius' own.

    Here is what you should try: follow each one of these individually and
    see if it fixes the issue:

    - rename the rss directory to "gregarius", say

    - in gregarius' .htaccess file, right under "RewriteEngine on", add a new line:

       "RewriteBase /gregarius/"

      (w/out the quotes, and assuming gregarius is accessed on

    - make sure that your apache config file has a "AllowOverride All"
    directive for the directory gregarius is installed in."

    Fixed the problems for me!

    • Hello.  My service of hosting does not allow me to cambier nothing in Apache.  For that reason I cannot change nothing of AllowOverride All.  What I can do?
      In addition, many pages are not seen.
      Thanks and pardon by my English fact with Google

      • Marco Bonetti
        Marco Bonetti

        Navigate to


        Then edit rss.output.usemodrewrite and set it to false.

        Did that help?


    • Thank you very much by your aid, but the truth is that I already conducted that operation.  And it continues giving access failures diverse pages;  times yes and other no.  Another thing that does not work to me is the restriction by means of password to the zone of administration.
      Thanks again and greetings.

    • thank you Marco, it works for me now!